Australian indigenous cultures date back to 60,000 years back to the aboriginal people who settled down in Australia.

Recent identification of ancient history in Australia dating back 30,000 years. Aboriginal people believed that creation takes place through dreaming in the Dreamtime. These people valued their lands and respected their traditions deeply.

There were several languages spoken between the Australians based on which tribe they belonged but as of today only 70 languages remain and almost 20 are on the verge of extension. With the British colonizing the Australians they introduced English literature which showed the way for the destruction of their own languages.

Today almost everyone in Australia speakers English as their main language. With the introduction of the English can their culture. Today almost everyone is Christians in Australia where few Muslims still reside. In 2001 cases almost 70% of Australians were Christians. Their art had been around for thousands of years now, starting with the stone art to modern art using various colours.

Australians believed in a wide range of practices. They practiced a ceremony where your boys become men which were called as Bora. The meetings which were held for Australian aboriginal people came corroboree. Fire-stick farming where they burn their crops so that chances of wild fire can be avoided and the burnt ashes act as an organic matter to the soil for the growth of the smaller plants later in the season. Smoking, Tjurunga, and walkabout are the few ceremonies that were performed during those days before the invasion of the British colonizers.

Australians believed in several spirits which made their life. There believes and culture evolved in time becoming different stories today. Baiame, Bunjil, Yowie, and Bunyip are the spirit they believed in. Baiame and Bunjil were the creators of the world and Yowie and Bunyip are the ancient beings of the world according to the Australian beliefs. They even believed a single being has more than one soul, when a person dies he goes to the land of the dead and reaches to the land of living as a child soul. Their behaviour can be relatable to the past lives they have lived. They are the ones who believed that there is life after death.

In 1788 Australia was invaded by the Europeans and the aboriginal world these people had created themselves has come to a halt. These people were mesmerized by the new culture, believes and traditions they were witnessing. New laws were introduced and with the introduction of the colonies they were witnessing the destruction of the aboriginal and indigenous cultures they believed for thousands of years. Diseases, women abasement were all new to them. Mixed races between aboriginal communities were a witness and the people who descended as a mixed group were called non-aboriginal. As the time passed aboriginal people decreased which reflected in the increase of the non-aboriginal people.

Entry of the Europeans and their aim to remove the aboriginal families from the society largely affected the communities. Families were broke so they could not continue being aboriginal. Children were taken from their mother and were put in child homes where they were not taken proper care. Even several acts were passed to remove aboriginal people from the communities and even today people are recovering from these harsh behaviours. While a lot of families saw the destruction of their own family.

The Diversity of Indigenous Australian Cultures Both Past and Present