In this course, unit 401 you will be introduced to the concept of communication again so as to fully understand the notion of communication in the business realm. You will be required to investigate and carry out a thorough research on the rationale or theory behind communication, after which you will discuss the merits and demerits of various kinds of communication supported by research evidence.


The aim of unit 401 is to provide the learners a good understanding of the importance of effective communication, either written, verbal and or nonverbal, in a business field. Learners will be able to understand very well why effective communication is so much important for businesses and at the same time to be able to recommend and use a different class of communication methods fit for certain purposes.

Learning Objectives and Criteria

The learning objectives of this unit are planned alongside learning outcomes and/or assessment criteria. By the end of the class leaner will be able to:

  1. Understand the role of effective communication in the business realm

1.1 Explain the importance of the communication cycle in the effective communication business

1.2 Explain the advantage of various types of communication

1.3 Examine the effectiveness of the various types of communication

  1. Understand the benefit of operative written communication in the business environment

2.1 Examine the usefulness of clear written communication in business which suits the taste of different audiences

2.2 Evaluate the various sources of information that may be adopted when drafting a written communication.

2.3 Evaluate the tones and different styles of written communication

  1. Be able to suggest a good communication method suitable for specific purposes.

3.1 Identify the main aim of the communication.

  1. Understand the effects of body language in business transactions.

4.1 Explain vividly on how to understand and respond to various body language or signal in business environments.

Now, let’s take evaluation criteria 4.1 as a case study :

4.1 Explain vividly on how to understand and respond to various body language or signal in business environments.

Body language is seen as the nonverbal signals that are being used to communicate. Body language carries a huge amount of the needed information that is being communicated both on a conscious level and unconscious level.

As a researcher, you will need to expatiate on this thoroughly as it has a great influence on the success and or failure of effective communication in an established organization. Let’s take, for instance, imagine you were about to endorse a large sale with a prospect or client. But this potential client does not understand nor speak English as his first language. Or you are in a closed-door meeting with a prospective customer and while closing the deal he split a slight hearted joke in this manner “If you sign and stamp on the plain context I will consider all of your goods mines! ” How could this little, but expensive joke be interpreted? In addition, would your reaction be different if you were transacting with him on the phone and not face to face?…

Therefore, at the end of this unit, the learner should be able to conduct a thorough research and proffer necessary solution to above problems. In the same vein, learners should be able to identify various examples of body language in the business environment and consider its effects on wider communication margin.