Cultural studies involve learning and researching about the everyday phenomena of individuals and societies which are part of a particular social setting. The field involves a combination of political economy, sociology, anthropology, communications theory, media and other social sciences disciplines. Culture is not like your typical dissertation topic where you can seek help with hard facts and proven methodology. Society is ever changing and so are the cultural norms. The topic of your thesis must be collaborative with all the lateral and formal changes in lifestyle of individuals and societies.

From structural point of view, cultural studies dissertation must pose strong statements and observations. This topic can easily sway to generalization so following the structure is pretty critical in this discipline.

Structure of a Cultural Studies Dissertation:

  • Choice of topic: Writing a cultural studies dissertation it is important that your choice of topic is about something which is open to suggestion, argumentative and versatile. Restricting yourself in such a suggestive field will take your chances of having a wider scope and exposure. Taking a wide-spread approach doesn’t mean that your focus keeps fluctuating. Try that your content correlate with each other.
  • A strong literature review: Literature review is important because it shows that how much energy you have invested in collecting the background of your topic. It is essential for your paper to have a proper backstory otherwise all your statements would seem less authentic and underwhelming. Your literature review should show strong relevancy to your topic.
  • Avoid being general: The biggest and the most common mistake people do while writing a dissertation is that they make their work too general. The purpose of writing a dissertation is to get closure and detailed knowledge of a particular topic while deducing the best possible solutions or recommendations. Making your thesis statement way too general would automatically blur your work as “filler”.
  • Impose originality: While working on topics where we talk about identifying and researching practices which are present in the society it often becomes hard to give the audience something different to expect. Originality in your statements will keep the readers intrigued and anxious with what exactly you have deduced which they couldn’t anticipate. This requires writing observations which are least expected by the audience.

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